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Typically, young adults are in one of three categories related to health insurance.


You're covered by your parent’s insurance (up to age 26) or you have insurance from your employer or your college/university...

You can find out which services and providers are covered under your insurance through the insurance provider’s website. It should be listed on the back of your insurance card. Or you can call the customer service number provided and ask to be guided to an in-network provider near you.

If you have health insurance through Pennsylvania HealthChoices…

If you live in Bucks County and have health coverage through Pennsylvania HealthChoices (Medical Assistance), then your mental health and substance use benefits are managed by Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania. Call 1(877) 769-9784 or visit

If you don’t have any health insurance right now…

You might be eligible for Medical Assistance. You can find out by applying online at or calling 1-866-550-4355 to apply over the phone (online is usually the fastest way to submit your application).

You can consider buying insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Finally, you can call Bucks County Department of Mental Health at 215-444-2800 or the Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission at 215-773-9313 to discuss your options.

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